The Fool-proof Guide to Style Ethnic Wear Every Day

The Fool-proof Guide to Style Ethnic Wear Every Day

When it comes to ethnic wear, there's no specific reason or place to wear them, we wear them because we love them. The only difference between wearing an ethnic kurti to a festival v/s wearing it to college is the styling. It makes all the difference in keeping your look subtle or taking it over the top.

While styling an ethnic look for an occasion may seem simple, you just need to add a bit of fancy jewellery & you're good to go. But when it comes to everyday ethnic wear, it may get boring. Don't worry, we have listed fool-proof ideas to style your everyday looks with the best ethnic wear. But first...

How to choose ethnic wear for yourself

It's like the first & the most important step in styling. The designs & patterns in Indian ethnic wear are so vast that no matter which shape or skin colour graces your body - you'll never fall short of options.

  • According to body type

If you're in your skinny twenties, go for large floral patterns instead of geometric ones, while for heavy body weights, choose small ditsy patterns or go for vertical geometric patterns. While a long straight kurta suits the majority of women, taller women can also opt for Anarkali & flared Kurtas.

  • According to skin colour

The inclusivity in fashion is rapidly increasing, with each individual experimenting & choosing what pleases them. But we still suggest some bloopers to avoid at all costs. Since everyday clothing is in question, strong contrast is a big no-no. If your skin colour is towards lighter tone, opt for soft pastels. While a darker skin shade will be complemented by neutral to dark tones of any shade like blue, olive, sand, grey, etc.


Let's get to styling


Even if it feels like a hassle every day, there's no denying when you wear a saree on a casual day, the day brightens up a little. When choosing a saree for the office or a day out, embellishments of any sort are unsuitable, so go for a plain or printed one. Opt for sleek modern accessories & jewellery. Dangles. chain earrings & ear studs are quite well suited along with a wristwatch or sleek bracelet.


In recent years, a classic style for wearing Kurti is with jeans & oxidised jewellery. You can pair it up with kolhapuri flats or juttis. Pick a short floral Kurti for college paired with small-sized oxidised jewellery. When looking for workwear, a long straight Kurti in a solid colour will be perfect. Pair it up with jeans or straight-fit trousers. Pearl studs are the go-to choice with a neat hairstyle.

Kurta Set

Kurts sets are considered the most elegant, be it for everyday wear or festive wear. Opt for sleek silhouettes on a relaxed day, as a flared Anarkali might give the impression that you're dressing up for a special event. When it comes to pairing footwear with a 3-piece suit dupatta set, they're the most versatile. Flats, heels, juttis- everything goes well with them. Small danglers & minimal earrings are the best to complement this ethnic style.

Fusion Wear

If you're one of those women who level up their fashion game with every trend, fusion ethnic wear styles are meant for you. Saree with a waist belt- done, but a broad one or slim one? Always a slim for casual affairs. Moreover, a plain saree looks best paired with any kind of belt, be it leather, printed lace or metallic strip. Pairing your suit set with a belt might be a great idea too.

Ditch the dupatta & go for a sleeveless jacket with your kurta set. It'll not only add newness to your look but also leave you fuss-free. 


What to avoid when styling casual ethnic wear

Shiny Fabrics

While a little bit of shine doesn't harm the look but certainly harms your pocket. Moreover, the comfort we seek for a relaxed day is ruined by worrying about our clothes all day. The majority of semi-casual ethnic wear is made from polyester blends which may irritate the skin when worn for longer durations. It's best to reserve them for occasions.

The Wrong Footwear

Once again, we recommend comfort over style. Now a pencil high heel may look dope with your formal saree, but remember you have got to work all day, have meetings, move across departments & whatnot, so better stay comfy with a short wedged heel.

Traditional Designs

The basic silhouette of any ethnic wear, be it a suit, Kurti or saree & blouse tends to give a basic look only. Not only that but since we're talking about casual wear, the fabric & design are also simple so overall do you end up looking uninspiring? Hence opt for modern silhouettes like high-low kurti, front-slit kurtas, collared blouses & more.

Poor Fit

Nothing ruins a look like an ill-fitted garment. It is not even about slim fit Kurti or a loose fit Kurta, it's about whether your shoulder line is falling on your arms, is the neckline too broad, or the sleeves are too tight & so on. These things vary from person to person & often brands fail to understand this. At bani women we are committed to 'perfect fit' no matter the size. All the designs are available from the smallest to plus sizes, we make sure every woman feels happy, feels beautiful when she wears Bani Women.


All-in-all, whether it's festive wear or everyday casual, your look should express your unique style & keep you comfortable. So next time, keep in mind just these few things & your everyday ethnic looks will be the talk of the town.

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