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Bring your style to a new level by wearing our co-ord sets women!

At BaniWomen, we believe it should be a reality for every woman to feel empowered and stylish as well as look good while wearing clothes they love. The collection of quality and trendy women’s co-ords you see that is in a showcase that is put on display here takes that effort to mix fashion and function and makes it easy for you. Whether you're looking for the perfect outfit to put on for a special event or you're keeping it casual to meet up with friends, our co-ords will take your style up to new levels, higher than ever before.

1. Shop the collection: Finding the perfectly matched coordinate sets of women that stand out and speak of your personality and style is very possible. Our line varies from, top-notch trendy, and cute, to the casual and girly taste of every one. Experiment with a vast color palette, including patterns and shapes, so you hold onto your fashion preferences. By using premium fabrics and unrivaled attention to detail, our co-order dress brings you a combination of comfort and style that you will feel effortlessly confident in.

2.A unique chance to style co-ords set for women for any occasion: The use of coordinating sets allows us to experiment with proportions and create unique fashion statements. Today we offer a range of coordinating sets designed with diversity and adaptability in mind. Pair up your co-ord set with heels and a blingy jewelry topping for an eventful evening. On the other hand, keep the look basic with sneakers and casual denim on for a weekend worn-out look. Whether you are heading to work, a brunch date, the beach, or an office, our coordinator is just the right pick for all types of events.

3.Look for co-ords women’s clothing online right away!: It will take you minutes only to check our big collection of sets starting with co-ord. You will surely find a style that will suit you 100%. Our easy-to-navigate website gives you the perfect one-stop shop for buying co-ords online, which means less searching and more slaying for you while having a new set of outfits that will suit your style. Experience a speedy and reliable delivery service with which you can hit the road wearing its matching set..


What would a co-ord outfit look likewhen wearing it for a party?

An outfit of co-ords opens up endlesscombinations of styles that are great for upcoming parties or other special occasions. For dressing up your co-ord set, you have to play with such sophisticated fabrics as satin or velvet and pair them with jewelry and a clutch bag of your choice to highlight your style.

Is it coordination of co-ordinated setsthat are still hot?

Absolutely! For as long as fashion designs have been there, coordinated sets have always been the favored choice and continue to be stylish among women of all ages. Co-ords, with their effortless charm and utility, are a chic wardrobe staple that can be transformed for any occasion -from appropriate attire for a night out to a groovy, girly outfit for the daytime.

Can I find the correct size for a co-ordset?

The right size for a co-ord set needs to be found by the prospective customer in the size chart of the brand making the co-ord set. Measure your bust, waist, and hip by using an accurate ruler. Then compare them to the size chart to make your perfect fitting item.

When are co-ords appropriate?

Co-ords can be taken for a variety of activities from (a) casual purposes to exclusive outings. Fly them to brunch with friends, a holiday to the office, or even a wedding anniversary party. Think of making the right fabric, line, and accessories for the event to be compatible with the dress code of the event.

Why are co-ord sets so in demand?

First of all, they provide a simplified way of styling having one cohesive look while requiring very minimum effort. Secondly, the possibility of creating multiple outfits combining many options. Last but not least, co-ord sets allow for women to showcase their sartorial sense, while also looking sleek and polished.